Effects of Glyphosate Herbicide

Glyphosate is absorbed in the gut or through the skin. After oral intake, 30-36% of glyphosate is absorbed in most test animals. Most of the absorption is excreted in the urine. The acute toxicity of glyphosate, measured by the LD50 test is relatively low and in the US, glyphosate itself is classified in Toxicity Category […]

Herbicide Dangers

Davis Land Company – Weed & Invasive Plant Removal If spraying herbicide to rid your pond of weeds is your choice, we will gladly help you out. But if you’re looking for an alternative way of getting rid of invasive plant species, look no further than Davis Land Company. We have the right tools for […]

Excavation Services You May Need Them

In the construction and demolition industry, you often hear the word “excavation” thrown around project sites. The first image that may come to mind are archaeologists sifting around in the desert uncovering lost relics. Sadly, this is not what excavation means for the demolition industry, however, it is a lot more work than simply hauling […]

The Importance of Retention Ponds in Florida

Pond Maintenance Near Me Is an easy way to find the closest company that can help with your pond needs, but they may not alwas be the best for your service, and here is why… With a wide range of weather conditions year-around, including a long rainy season that can bring 70+ inches of rain […]

Land Clearing a Clean Start

  Getting Your Florida-Area Construction Project off to a Clean Start Preparing residential lots for construction and landscaping. Before any residential construction project can begin, the construction area must be leveled and cleared of all structures, debris, trees, and vegetation. Professional land clearing is the first step for the following residential and commercial projects in […]