Pond Maintenance Near Me

Is an easy way to find the closest company that can help with your pond needs, but they may not alwas be the best for your service, and here is why…

With a wide range of weather conditions year-around, including a long rainy season that can bring 70+ inches of rain annually, Florida’s retention ponds play an important role in the well-being of the state’s geography.

The primary purpose of a retention pond is to collect runoff from surrounding higher elevation areas. They have become a common fixture around residential developments, and are so effective that they are often required when building new structures, parking lots, and roads.

Retention ponds assist with the following:

  • Retaining runoff before diverting it into streams and waterways in a controlled manner. Water is released at a rate similar to that which would exist in a natural body of water. The ability of retention ponds to hold high water volume reduces the load on stormwater management systems that are downstream.
  • Retention ponds also allow for pollutant removal from the water via settling and biological uptake.

In order for a retention pond to operate as efficiently as possible, any vegetation should be maintained at a height that allows for inspection for things like nuisance animal burrows, developing sinkholes, and wetness along the fill embankments. One of the most common mistakes in the upkeep of retention ponds is not mowing critical areas because they are at a steep angle, or neglecting to mow altogether. Maintenance is vital for a properly functioning retention pond.

These ponds are one of the most popular means of managing stormwater in Florida and throughout the country.