In the construction and demolition industry, you often hear the word “excavation” thrown around project sites. The first image that may come to mind are archaeologists sifting around in the desert uncovering lost relics. Sadly, this is not what excavation means for the demolition industry, however, it is a lot more work than simply hauling dirt around a site.

Yes, excavation work does involve moving dirt around, but excavation contractors are responsible for operating expenses, heavy equipment, site preparation and maintaining contracts because their excavation job is simply one piece of the larger project.

As far as projects are concerned, if you are a residential or commercial property owner who is planning a demolition job, Davis  Demolition has these three reasons why you may need to utilize a Florida excavation service for your project.

Environmental Cleanup

Several excavation sites involve contaminated earth and similar environmental problems that could pose a health hazard to those in the surrounding area. An example of contaminated soil would be a leaking septic tank underground.

In a situation like a leaking septic tank, a licensed demolition and excavation professional will be able to safely remove the problematic soil in order to ensure that the surrounding grounds are no longer impacted by the hazardous materials.

Pipes and Lines

Sometimes during a Davis Land Company demolition job, your property’s water line could be affected and begin leaking. Although this may seem like an obvious fix to just dig under the ground to fix the pipe, this type of job requires a licensed excavation professional.

Excavation is necessary to access the buried line without causing further damage. Excavation professionals are also a great way to install water lines and piping if you are performing a job that requires selective demolition.

Excavation Services can Secure Your Foundation

If performing a selective demolition project where you are constructing or building an entire home or section of a home, you must remember that the first step of the process is to dig. Contractors that specialize in excavation must dig up the soil and create a land space that is large enough to support a sturdy concrete foundation, or foundation of choice by the client.

An excavation specialist Is needed for this step in the construction process because they are able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and above all, safely for everyone surrounding them.