Increasing Harvest Demand: The demand is increasing more and more every year for weed clearing/harvesting companies as people are realizing that chemically killing weeds is destroying the ponds and lakes in Florida. We have a unique environment that is constantly at war with things like the blue-green algae blooms which are harmful to people and animals. Using Herbicides on algae blooms releases the toxins directly into the water.

Truth about Chemical Spraying: Herbicides do NOT remove biomass (The biomass in an ecosystem includes the mass of all living and dead organic matter) from your pond. Spraying weeds actually contributes MORE matter into the water by killing them and leaving them to become muck and sludge. Mechanically harvesting pond weeds is the best way to have a beautiful and healthy ecosystem for your pond, lakes, rivers and canals as the machines remove all of the biomass. Here in Florida, the demand is becoming higher and higher for Pond Maintenance companies who do not use Herbicides.


Chemicals Are Expensive: For lakes, herbicide treatment usually begins with a costly survey to observe the type and location of the water weeds. Chart diagrams of data displaying the target areas and listing the types of herbicides needed must be presented by a marine biologist in order to make sure only the invasive species are exterminated. With the rise in cost of the chemicals used today it is now more cost effective to hire a Harvesting company –especially considering the extent of services that they provide. When you hire an herbicide company to spray your aquatic weeds you really have no way of confirming proper application or dosage of the chemicals and you will not see the results for days. Harvested results are seen immediately!


Aquatic Weed Spray = MORE Sludge:  In Florida we are now seeing the environmental costs of using herbicides on aquatic weeds. Year after year these weeds have been sprayed and greatly contribute to the muck & algae that you see everywhere today. People are realizing that we must remove the invasive species, not just poison them and leave to decay and become slimy biomass. The amount of biomass produced by spraying weeds can become very problematic. This is why Davis Land Company’s aquatic weed harvesting is in demand!